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“If a horseshoe nail falls, it loses a horseshoe. A horseshoe loses a horse, a horse loses a cavalry, a cavalry loses a battle, a battle lose the war! “

Says a Turkish proverb!

We know that, a little nail can cause your factory to stop for days and put you in great harm. We are aware of this.

Because that, we therefore do not take a risk that you can hurt thousands of dollars, by costing you few hundred dollars cheaper!



 Site Haritası

               Medical & Surgery Products Machineries

               Home Page

               Steel Doors, Panel Inside Doors


               Sanitary and Personal Care Machines & Facilities

                     Liquid Soap Produce Machines

                     Liquid Detergent Preparation and Filling Machines

                     Paper Tissues, Napkins, Towels & Toilet Paper Production Machines

                     Powder Detergent Preparation and Filling Machines

                     Perfume and Cosmetic Production Machines

                     Solid Soap Production Machines

               About Us

                     A Short Story; "From Grandfather to Grandson"

               Covid 19 Rapid test

               Water Treatment Systems

               Porcelain Horeca Products

               Our Agents

               Granite & Teflon Cooking Sets

               Photo Gallery

               Visitors Opinions

               Food Processing Machines & Facilities

                     Coffee Processing Machines & Accesoires

                     Meat Processing & Products Machines

                     Potato Processing Machines

                     Food Preparation Machines

                     Dried Legumes Processing Machines

                     Fruits & Vegetables Drying machines

                     Olive Oil Processing Machines


               Milk Processing Machines & Facility

                     Dairy Products Machines

                     Ice Cream Produce Machines

               Packing Machines & Facilities

                     Grain Packing Machines

                     Envelope Packing Machines

                     Pillow Packing Machines

                     Vertical Packing Machines

                     Horizontal Packing Machines

                     Liquid Filling Machines

                     Plastic Cups & Packs Machines

                     Light Granule Products Filling & Packing Machines

                     Stick Sugar/Salt/B.Pepper etc. Packing

                     Sugar Cube/Brick Making & Packing Machines

                     Thermoform Machines

               Metal Working Machines & Facilities

                     Metal Working Machines

                     Mold Works

               Plastic Industry Machines

                     Plastic Injection Machines

                     Plastic Extruder Machines

                     Plastic Bag and Sachets Printing Machines

               Recycling & Recovering Machines and Facilities

                     Tire Coating & Recovering Machines

                     Scrap Process Machine & Facility

               Poultry, Cattle, Sheep etc. Machines & Facilities

                     Animal Feed Production Machines

                     Cattle & Sheep Slaughterhouse Machines

                     Poultry Slaughterhouses Machines

               Cigarette Wrapping/Filling/Rolling Machine

                     Cigarette Filling Machine

                     Cigarette Pack Gelatin Covering Machine

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