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“If a horseshoe nail falls, it loses a horseshoe. A horseshoe loses a horse, a horse loses a cavalry, a cavalry loses a battle, a battle lose the war! “

Says a Turkish proverb!

We know that that little nail can cause your factory to stop for days and put you in great harm. We are aware of this.

Because that, we therefore do not take a risk that you can hurt thousands of dollars, by costing you few hundred dollars cheaper!

 Site Haritası

               Metal Working Machines & Facilities

                     Metal Working Machines

                     Mold Works

               Home Page

               Steel Doors, Panel Inside Doors


               About Us

                     A Short Story; "From Grandfather to Grandson"

               Water Treatment Systems

               Cigarette Wrapping/Filling/Rolling Machine

                     Cigarette Filling Machine

                     Cigarette Pack Gelatin Covering Machine

               Porcelain Horeca Products

               Granite & Teflon Cooking Sets

               Our Agents

               Food Processing Machines & Facilities

                     Coffee Processing Machines & Accesoires

                     Meat Processing & Products Machines

                     Potato Processing Machines

                     Food Preparation Machines

                     Dried Legumes Processing Machines

                     Fruits & Vegetables Drying machines

                     Olive Oil Processing Machines

               Photo Gallery

               Visitors Opinions


               Milk Processing Machines & Facility

                     Dairy Products Machines

                     Ice Cream Produce Machines

               Packing Machines & Facilities

                     Grain Packing Machines

                         •  Envelope Packing Machines

                         •  Pillow Packing Machines

                     Vertical Packing Machines

                     Horizontal Packing Machines

                     Liquid Filling Machines

                     Plastic Cups & Packs Machines

                     Light Granule Products Filling & Packing Machines

                     Stick Sugar/Salt/B.Pepper etc. Packing

                     Sugar Cube/Brick Making & Packing Machines

               Recycling & Recovering Machines and Facilities

                     Tire Coating & Recovering Machines

                     Scrap Process Machine & Facility

               Poultry, Cattle, Sheep etc. Machines & Facilities

                     Animal Feed Production Machines

                     Cattle & Sheep Slaughterhouse Machines

                     Poultry Slaughterhouses Machines

               Plastic Industry Machines

                     Plastic Injection Machines

                     Plastic Extruder Machines

                     Plastic Bag and Sachets Printing Machines

               Sanitary and Personal Care Machines & Facilities

                     Liquid Soap Produce Machines

                     Liquid Detergent Preparation and Filling Machines

                     Paper Tissues, Napkins, Towels & Toilet Paper Production Machines

                     Powder Detergent Preparation and Filling Machines

                     Perfume and Cosmetic Production Machines

                     Solid Soap Produce Machines

               Thermoform Machines

               Medical & Surgery Products Machineries

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